Blends of Monterey Bay Gourmet Sea Salt Co. - 3.75oz Jars
July 8, 2014
Coffee Infused

Coffee Infused (Try a pinch on ice cream or a bone in rib eye steak) - $14.95

African Bird Pepper

African Bird Pepper (This is one spicy salt and it will add heat to any dish or Bloody Mary.) - $14.95

California Sunshine Citrus

California Sunshine Citrus. (A blend of orange, lime, grapefruit, lemon, black pepper & rosehip powder. Try on fish.) - $12.95

Wild Mushrooms Infused

Wild Mushrooms Infused (Great on a steak.) - $11.95

Lavender Infused

Lavender Infused (Love a pinch on a pork roast) - $9.95

Thai Dragon

Thai Dragon (Roasted Thai chili love it in a south west chili) - $9.95

Zhatar Infused

Zaatar (A blend of thyme, sumac & sesame seed. Middle Eastern flavor.) - $9.95

Rosemarie Sage Infused

Rosemary Sage (Flavor to all things.) - $9.95

Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper (A pinch on fish.) - $9.95

Natural Monterey Bay Sea Salt

Natural Monterey Bay Salt - $9.95

Chefs Blend

Chef's Blend (This a blend of many herbs & spices you could call it the kitchen sink it works well with all things.) - $12.95

Toasted Garlic

Toasted Garlic (It's Garlic) - $9.95

Herbs de Provence

Herbs de Provence (Blend of thyme, chives, rosemary, parsley, lavender & savory.) - $11.95

Garlic & Black Pepper

Garlic & Black Pepper - $9.95

Onion Herb Sea Salt

Onion Herb (A pinch on oven roasted veggies.) - $9.95

Smoked Paparika

Smoked Paprika (Pinch a little on a deviled egg) - $9.95

Margarita Salt Rimier

Margarita Salt Rimier (You know what to do.) - $9.95

Indian Black Salt

Indian Black Salt (This is not made from the Monterey Bay, but I like as a condiment to Indian cuisine and added to chaats.) - $13.95

Buyers choice of 12 blends

Blend of any 12 Salts (Buyer's choice of blends) - $59.95




Blends are available in 1.75oz glass vials @ $3.98 and 4.25oz zip lock 6 mil bags for $4.98.

Wholesale pricing available upon request.