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This rich and unique salt is harvested straight from the beautiful and nutrient rich waters of the Monterey Bay. World famous for its rugged beauty to millions of visitors for decades, the Monterey Bay is home to some of our planets most rare species of marine life. This hearty and robust sea salt receives itís distinctive colors from the abundant kelp forests that thrive in the bay. Harvested and packaged in its completely natural state, unprocessed for you to enjoy the way nature intended. It will add full flavor and texture to any recipe, as well as an attractive garnish to any dish. Take home with you, this special flavor of the Monterey Bay.

Read about the Benefits of Sea Salt:
Sea salt balances and nutrifies our body with minerals...[read more]

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Monterey Bay Salt Company Press Release....

Monterey Bay Salt makes donation to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and the UCSF Thoracic Oncology Program...


Behind the sudden DIY rise of Monterey Bay Salt Company.
By Adam Joseph

Monterey’s Robert Kirkland made a bet with one of his surf buddies about a year ago after an early morning session in Moss Landing. The inspiration: The waves had left his wetsuit heavily encrusted with sea salt. The bet: That he couldn’t find a use for that salt.

“Later that day, we were hanging out, having a few beers and watching the Food Network,” he says. “Alton Brown was doing this special on salt and I became really intrigued with it.” [read more]

Great quality salt, we use it exclusively at our restaurant.